Why Aloe Vera is good for you?

According to ancient Egyptians, Aloe Vera is also known as plant of immortality. It has numerous advantages in terms of health. From centuries, people of different regions have benefited from this miraculous plant. As the people realized its importance, since then it has been targeted and used for medicinal purposes.

Belonging to a Liliaceae family, aloe vera is basically a cactus plant. It usually grows in the hot and dry climates like some parts of Africa and Indian subcontinent. It is quite famous for its medicinal use. Aloe Vera leaves basically secrete a gel which can be applied to the skin or people usually consume it through mouth. It is used for many purposes but basically, it is used to heal wounds or soothe the skin.

Numerous studies have been conducted by notable researchers examining the advantages of aloe vera. It has been found that aloe vera does have many properties which are quite effective in treating various skin conditions i.e. from flaky to dry skin, hair and scalp issues, and many more. It is also believed that aloe vera has many anti-ageing benefits which can help an individual to boost the healthy life.

It is also found out that aloe vera has been proved a miracle in treating several injuries including wounds and burns, minor and major skin diseases, diabetes, and elevated blood lipids in humans and it has also proven useful in treating eczema, dandruff issues, psoriasis, skin ulcers and many other infectious diseases.

However, there are 8 great benefits of using aloe vera. Here is the list of those advantages:

1) It is used as an effective treatment for sunburn. It has a powerful healing effect which can go up to the epithelial level of the skin which is the layer of the cell that covers the body. It also protects the skin and act as a moisturizer. Because of the presence of anti-oxidant properties and nutritional characteristics, it can heal the sun burn with quite ease.

2) Moisturizing benefits are among some of the advantages of the aloe vera. It helps moisturizing the skin without giving it a much oily and greasy feel. It works perfectly well with anyone having an oily skin complexion. It is most effective for the women who use- mineral-based makeup hence it can be applied to the skin before applying the make up in order to prevent damage it can bring to the skin. It is also beneficial for males who use it as an after shave. It has healing benefits for the men’s skin especially if they got some cuts during shaving.

3) Aloe vera gel has two hormones in it which quite useful for a human body. These include: Auxin and Gibberellins. These two hormones are beneficiary as they have wound healing properties and also contain anti-inflammatory properties which reduce skin inflammation to a great extent. Giberellin in aloe vera also acts as a growth hormone which stimulates the growth of a new cells. It allows the skin heal instantly and provides healing effects. It also greatly reduces skin inflammations & itchiness with its super anti-inflammatory properties and allows skin to heal rapidly. It is also used to treat chronic skin diseases and quite helpful for acne problem.

4) As we begin to grow old, everyone starts worrying about the loss of elasticity in the skin. However, through using aloe vera people can keep their skins look young as it contains various anti-oxidants including Vitamin C, E and beta carotene which help to improve the skin firmness and keep it hydrated.

5) Aloe vera also contains some nutrients which are good for living a healthy life. These nutrients include minerals, enzymes, anthaquinones, lingnin, amino acids, salicylic acid and various other vitamins which keep you healthy and sound.

6) One of the most amazing benefits of the aloe vera is that it helps digestion and has healing properties for ulcers.
Keeping in mind all the health benefits of aloe vera, it can be said that it is such a miraculous plant that can really boost your healthy life and it is also proved to be helpful in curing and healing several skin diseases.